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The Old-timers Discography (2011 - 2017)

 Punk's Not Dead! Nor Are We! (demo) 2011

1.Adonai's Agape - or - The Lord's Love
2.Punk's Not Dead! Nor Are We!
3.Tumbull ACs
4.On Hope
5. Contend Earnestly For The Faith

Soli Deo Gloria 2012

1. Intro/ The Old-timers Anthem
2.Adonai's Agape
3.This City
4.Posi Isn't Enough
5.On Hope
6.This State
7.The Language Barrier
8.Soli Deo Gloria
9.Prescribed Rebellion
10.Annals of Klepsis
11.Run in A Circle
12.Turnbull ACs
13.This Decay
14.Family (A Prayer)

Spiritus Sanctus 2013

2.On My Knees Again
3.Goonies Never Say Die!
4.Joe #1
5.Love Alone Is Strength
6.Carpe Vitae Part II

For The Love of Hippos (single)  2014

1.For The Love of Hippos 

 Be Reconciled  2014

1.Hole In My Heart
2.Blessings out of Buffetings
3.Hope for the Rejected
4.Father God I Wonder
5.The Joy of Reconciliation

Turn It Up! 2015

1.Broken Glass
3.No Regrets (feat. Sef Idle of False Idle)
4.This City (Extended Cut)

Turn It Off 2015

3.Homeless Friends (feat. Ninah Llopis of The Lead)

Three Way Tie For Last (compilation) 2016

1.The Hoax - Grimage
2.The Hoax - Let Down
3.The Hoax - Calloused
4.The Hoax - Love
5.Praiser - Dystopian Reality
6.The Hoax - Satisfied
7.Praiser - Your Ego
8.Praiser - The Devil Can't Play Rock'N'Roll
9.Praiser - Progress Is Killing Us
10.Praiser - It's Not About Fear
11.The Old-timers - Apocalypse Now
12.The Old-timers - Walking Stick
13.The Old-timers - Punk Rock Theology
14.The Old-timers - 'Till Death
15. The Old-timers - Sing What You See

Old Dogs.New Tricks 2017

1. These Grey Hairs
2.The Ramp Locals Part II
3.This City (Extended Cut)
4.This State
5.Soli Deo Gloria (feat. J-son Infirmities)
6.Turnbull ACs
7.Let's Celebrate Christmas
8.No Regrets (feat. Sef Idle)
10.Joe No.1
12.For The Love of Hippos (feat. Scott Key)
13.Hole In My Heart
14.Father God I Wonder (Ishmael Cover)
16.Homeless Friends (feat. Ninah Llopis)
17.Broken Glass
18.Walking Stick
19.Sing What You See
20.Fun Times              

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