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Devout Discography (1996 - 2006)

Devout cause a bit of a stir with their first demo because of the upside down cross on the front cover. However, rather than depicting something anti-Christian, it was meant as a symbol of martydom. Devout also have a song on the 2000-A Christian Metal Compilation on Dwell Records. 

 Martyrdom (demo) 1996

 Side A
2.From the Crypt 

Side B
1.Judgement Distorted 
2.Scolded in Evil 

 Martyrdom EP 1997

2.From the Crypt 
3.Judgement Distorted 
4.Scolded in Evil 

Dissention 2006

1.The Dead Can Live / Dissention 
2.The Brides Sweet Eternity 
3.Fantasy of Sickness 
4.Another Provision 
5.Tears of Affection 
6.A New Breed 
7.Prophets in the Mourning

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