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Holocaust Дискографија (1995 - 2009)


Demo '95 

1. The Last Heartbeat 
2. The Last Heartbeat (remix)
4. Operation "Hate" 

 Demo '96 

1. The Last Heartbeat 
2.From The Pain Comes The Glory 
3.Endless hate
4.Domination Of Sinners 
5. Only The Leaders Go To Hell 

 Live at Music Garden 1997

1. Only The Leaders Go To Hell
2.Endless Hate
3.From The Pain Comes The Glory 
4.The Last Heartbeat 
7.Burn The Flag 
8.Nuclear Devastation
9.Domination Of Sinners 

 Live at Rudar Rock Fest IV 2000

1. The Last Heartbeat 
3. Domination Of Sinners 
4.Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover) 
5. In the Blood (Annihilator cover)

 Live in Stip 2005

1.Above The Law 
2.Killing Game
4. The Last Heartbeat 
5.Payback Time
6. Only The Leaders Go To Hell 
7.Endless Hate
8. Domination Of Sinners 
9. Slayer Medley (Dead Skin Mask/War Ensemble/Seasons In The Abyss) - Slayer Covers 
10.Encore - Domination Of Sinners (Macedonian Version) 

 Dinner at Tyffany's (DVD) 2005

1. Killing Game 
3.Payback Time
4. The Last Heartbeat 
5. Domination Of Sinners
6.Creeping Death (Metallica cover) 

 Domination Of Sinners (demo) 2005

1.Above The Law 
2. The Last Heartbeat
3.Domination Of Sinners
4.Time To Grow Up 
6.Killing Game
7.Payback Time 

 War at MKC (DVD) 2006

1.Above the Law 
2.Killing Game
4.Endless Hate
5.Payback Time
6. Constant Threat 
7. Domination Of Sinners
8.Creeping Death (Metallica cover) 

  Ten Years of Holocaust - ....from the Beginning (DVD) 2007

1.Above the Law 
2. The Last Heartbeat 
3. Only the Leaders Go to Hell 
4.Endless Hate
5. From the Pain Comes the Glory 
6. Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover) 
7.Operation "Hate"
8. Domination of Sinners 
9.Payback Time
10.Killing Game
12. Domination of Sinners 
13. Creeping Death (Metallica cover) 
14. Constant Threat 
15. Kings in Aggression 
16.Bite Again

Ground Zero 2009

1.Only The Leaders Go To Hell 
2. Kings in Aggression 
3.The Punishment Begins 
4.Domination of Sinners
5.Constant Threat
6.Payback Time
7.Endless Hate
8.Nuclear Devastation  

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