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Hallowed Butchery Of The Son Discography (2006 - 2011)

Pure Electro Scum (demo) 2006
1.Barren Existence 
2. Vomit Thy Soul 

 Discography (compilation) 2007

1.New Body Trees Blossoming
2.Destined Invitation to the Tomb
3.There is a Bastard Amongst Us
4.Depression's Auphotic Embrace
5.Beheading the Pagan Christ
6.Little Horn's Contract Killing
7.Carrying the Christ Away in a Hearse
8.When the Seraphic Joy is Released
9.Names of the Dead
10.Father of a Whorish Creation
11.The Dark Messiah
12.News Alert! Democracy has Failed!
13.Remix (Orange Door West)
14.Asaph (Divine Discrepancy)
15.Babylon (Aborting the Harlot)
16.News Alert! Democracy Has Failed!
17.Hey Fred Phelps! Have Fun Burning in Hell!
18.Solomon (Pissing Ignorance)
19.Leviticus (Blood Goat)

 Funeral Rites for the Living LP 2009

1.A Wake for the Human Race
2. Pantheon Enthroned
3. Great North Woods
4. Back Asswards
5. Kingdom (Within You)
6. The Kennebec
7. Abolish the Pulpit
8. The Kennebec (Reprise)
9. After the Gold Rush 

 Batillus - Hallowed Butchery (split) 2010

1.The Division
2. The Children of the Night Make Their Music
3. Beyond the River 

 Hallowed Butchery
1. An Introduction
2.Coffin Life

 Songs of Self Reliance and Solitude
 The Austrasian Goat/Hallowed Butchery (split) 2011

 The Austrasian Goat
1. Nailed Down 
2. Hikikomori 

 Hallowed Butchery
1. Hexagram - The God of Self

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