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Stairway Discography (1991 - 2017)

Detritus / Seventh Angel / Stairway / Lazarus / Maverick 
 White Metal Warriors - Last Ship Home (split) 1991

1.Seventh Angel - Heed the Warning 
2.Stairway - Anybody There 
3.Lazarus - Do or Die 
4.Detritus - Subliminal Division 
5.Maverick - Sweet Release 
6.Seventh Angel - Seven Angels 
7.Stairway - Walk Away 
8.Lazarus - Overpower 
9.Detritus - Taste the Blood 
10.Maverick - You'll Shine 

No Rest: No Mercy 1993

1.Battle of Heaven 
2.Spirit of Guilt
4.Meet the Maker
5.Fly with the Spirit 
6.Sweetest Song 
7.The Great Whore of Babylon 
8.Walk Away 
9.Black be the Night 
10.Keep the Fires Burning 
11.Souls of Zion
12.The Great Whore of Babylon (Revisited) 

 Bleeding Heart 1999

3.Chasing Shadows 
4.Show me a Woman 
5.Save Me!
6.Red Alert! 
7.Body & Soul
8.Israels' Lament 
9.And the Righteous Shall Be Saved...! 
10.Vacant Prayer 

  On Hallowed Ground 2002

1.Under the Gun
4.Deo Volente (Thy Will Be Done) 
5.Stop the Pain 
6.Silent Dreams
8.The Sky Is Beautiful 
9.Foolish Heart 

The Other Side of Midnight 2006

1.No Mercy
2.Sea of Fools 
4.Pray for the Children 
5.Taste the Blood
6.Lead Us 
7.She Calls
9.Death & Destruction 
10.Soldiers of Heaven 
11.My Life Goes on...! 

 No Mercy (single) 2006

1. No Mercy 

Interregnum 2010

1.The Suffering Servant 
2.In the Shadow Of the Cross 
3.I Am Calling 
4.Born to Die 
5.Ride the Wind
6.New Life
7.Enter the Light 
8.Fear and Lies
9.What Lies Within 
10.The Battle is Over (instrumental)
11.Born to Die Epilogue

 Christmas Merry Christmas (single) 2012

1.Christmas Merry Christmas 

Power and Glory 2016
1.Lucy Fuhr
2.1917 - Fatherless Child
3.Overture 1418
4.A Mind Insane
5.Reason Why
6.Sun of Malachi
7.Raise Our Hands
9.World In Black
10.Interlude 23
11.Across the Moon

Reason Why (single) 2017

1.Reason Why

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