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Lean Van Ranna Discography (2009 - 2014)

After Angels And Shadows
Auryah - Four Winds EP 2011 - 2012

1.Intro (The Begin From The End)
2.Four Winds (The Judgement Day)
3.Outro (The Firts Day In The Heavens)
4.Better Place (New Demo Bonus Track)
5.Four Winds (Bonus Track - Alternative Version)

Various 2009 - 2012

1.Silent Breeze
2.Acid Rain
3.The Cry
4.Ele Vem - Version Acid Rain
5.Lady Rann - Juliana Van Ranna
6.Isaiah 9-6 (A Child Is Born)
7.Mechanical System
9.Egyptian Curse
10.Amazing Grace (Acapela Blues)
Maestro 2014
01.Vast Sins Concealing Chaos
02.The Future Will Come
04.Sangra Alma
06.Ordem E Progresso
07.Encotrei A Paz
08.Eu Quero!
09.Hell In The Restroom
10.Last Chance
11.Nancy's Mirror
12.Todo Poder
13.To The Heavens
14.Hell In The Restroom (Cinematic Orchestral Version)
15.Last Chance (Cinematic Orchestral Version)
16.Silent Breeze
17.Space Invaders
18.When The Legions Fell

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