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Tortured Conscience Discography (2001 - 2006)

Face of God (demo) 2001

1.A New Trend
2.Chain The Fallen One
3.In Hell
4.Internal Torment

Royal Anguish / Tortured Conscience / Soul of the Savior 
 The Collection Vol. 1: Tools of the Trade (split) 2002

1.Royal Anguish - Deny 
2.Royal Anguish - Die Inside 
3.Royal Anguish - Shocking the Priest 
4.Royal Anguish - Rest in Pieces 
5.Soul of the Savior - Intro 
6.Soul of the Savior - Dear Marilyn 
7.Soul of the Savior - Good And Pure 
8.Soul of the Savior - Farewell To The Flesh 
9.Tortured Conscience - A New Trend 
10.Tortured Conscience - Chain The Fallen One 
11.Tortured Conscience - In Hell 
12.Tortured Conscience - Internal Torment (Bonus Track)

 Every Knee Shall Bow 2006

2.Apostate Return
3.Modern Day Pharisees
4.The Trail
5.The New Trend
6.The Word Became Flesh
7.Internal Torment
8.Every Knee Shall Bow
9.No Ambiguity
10.Crucify (Bloodgood Cover)

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