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Royal Anguish Discography (1991 - 2008)

Rest In Pieces (demo) 1991

4.Your Will
5.Womb With A View
6.Fate's Warning
7.The Fire
8.Sunday Morning Social Hour
9.With God, Against God
10.Rest in Pieces
11.Trick or Treat

Shocked to Pieces (demo) 1992

1.Shocking the Priest
2.Die Inside
3.Deny the Corpse
4.Rest in Pieces

Shocking the Priest (demo) 1993

1.Deny the Corpse
2.Die Inside
3.Shocking the Priest
4.Rest in Pieces

 Royal Anguish / Tortured Conscience / Soul of the Savior 
 The Collection Vol. 1: Tools of the Trade (split) 2002

1.Royal Anguish - Deny 
2.Royal Anguish - Die Inside 
3.Royal Anguish - Shocking the Priest 
4.Royal Anguish - Rest in Pieces 
5.Soul of the Savior - Intro 
6.Soul of the Savior - Dear Marilyn 
7.Soul of the Savior - Good And Pure 
8.Soul of the Savior - Farewell To The Flesh 
9.Tortured Conscience - A New Trend 
10.Tortured Conscience - Chain The Fallen One 
11.Tortured Conscience - In Hell 
12.Tortured Conscience - Internal Torment (Bonus Track)

Mysterion 2003

1.One Last Time
3.Come Run with Me
5.My Own Despair
6.Haunted Whispers
7.I Close my Eyes
8.Autumn Sorrow
9.Green Pastures Await
10.Bonus: I Close my Eyes (Moonlight version)

 Tales of Sullen Eyes EP 2004

1.Twisted Angel
2.Until I'm Dead
3.The Loneliness Of One
4.The Tale of Sullen Eyes
5.Tortured Visions 2004

The Chronicles of Autumn Sorrow 2004

2.Ceremonial Suicide
4.Celestial Embrace
5.Land of the Free....
7.Feel The Blood
8.Element of Fear
9.The Chronicles of Autumn Sorrow
10.Green Pastures Await
11.Tortured Visions

 A Journey Through The Shadows Of Time 2006

1.Pitch Black
2.Playing God
3.Shadows Of Time
6.Time Space Continuum
7.Legend I. The Loss
8.Fall From Grace
9.Legend II. The Search
10.The Darkened Sea
11.Legend III. Impending Doom
12.The Battle Upon Us
13.Legend IV. Victory at Hand
14.The End is the Beginning

The Grand Deception 2008

1.Dawn of the New Age (Intro)
2.Only the Weak Survive
3.Please Educate Me
4.Into the Wilderness
5.Thy Pale Existence
6.Sullen Eyes Revisited
7.Blood On Your Hands
8.Lovelorn Betrayal
9.Dirt At Your Feet
10.The Grand Deception
11.Demon Seed
12.Kindred Spirits

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