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Demoniciduth Discography (1999 - 2016)

Pre-release (demo) 1999

1.Hidden Behind You (Intro) 
2.Unholy Chants Destroying The Blinded Fan's Mind 
3.The Holy Warrior 
4.I The Lord Have Spoken It 
5.J.W.S.C.S.U (Outro)

 Post Tenebras Lux EP 2001

1.Unholy Chants
2.The Holy Warrior
3.I the Lord Have Spoken It
4.Megiddo Massacre
5.Notre Père (Our Father)

 Post Tenebras Lux 2002

2.Thous Shalt Not Kill
4.Le Virus du Péché (The Virus of Sin)
5.New Life
6.Torrents d'amour (Torrents of Love)
7.Dogs of Antichrist
10.Notre Père (Our Father)

 Demoniciduth / Sabbatariam
 The Valley of the Shadow / Dogs of Antichrist (split) 2005

1.Sabbatariam - Intro (Psalm 23)
2.Sabbatariam - Bear the temptation
3.Sabbatariam - Came into my life
4.Sabbatariam - Putrid Corpse
5.Sabbatariam - Recantation
6.Sabbatariam - Holy Bible
7.Sabbatariam - To the end
8.Demoniciduth - Thou shalt not kill
9.Demoniciduth - Oppression
10.Demoniciduth - New Life
11.Demoniciduth - Torrents d'amour
12.Demoniciduth - Dogs of antichrist
13.Demoniciduth - Notre Pere
14.Demoniciduth - Heaven or hell

  The Valley of Decision EP 2012

1.The Valley of Decision
2.Blinded by Satan
4.Blood Sacrifice (Mortification cover)

Enemy of Satan 2017

1.March of the Dead
2.Christian Metal Worldwide
5.The Holocaust of Our Generation
6.Enemy of Satan
7.Megiddo Massacre (Revised Version)
8.Dogs of Antichrist (Revised Version) 

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