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Eternal Mystery Discography (2005 - 2010)

Demo  (first version) 2005

2.Like Sheep Led to the Slaughter
3.Satan's Doom
4.Eulogy for the Party Girl
5.Death Reigns No Longer
6.Bathed in Blood

Demo 2005

1.AntiChrist Overthrown
2.Through the Darkness, a Light has Shined
3.Born to Die
4.Choose pt. 1 (The Peril of Apostasy)
5.Choose pt. 2 (The End of All Things to Come)
6.Crush Satan's Head
7.Nocturnal Crucifixion

 The Coming Armageddon Holocaust 2006

1.Left Behind
2.War, Death, and Famine
4.Blaspheming Satan
5.The Body of Christ
6.The Church of Laodicea
8.Into the Abyss
11.Test the Spirits
12.Turn to God
14.Why Die He DIe?
15.With Open Arms
16.Christ is the Demon Crusher (Vomitorial Corpulence cover) 

Behold, a Pale Horse...EP 2006

1.A Casualty that Saved Humankind
2.Victory Anthem
3.The Tree that Bears No Fruit
4.Grinding Spiritual Death
5.Hacksaw to the Throat
7.Mutilation of the Fallen Ones
8.None Other
9.Pulverizing the Brains of Demons

 Bruised for our Transgressions 2007

1.Servants of the Most High
2.Bruised for our Transgressions
3.In God We Grind
6.In Memory of Pierced Hands
8.Nation of Disgust
10.The Way, the Truth, and the Life
11.Rigor Mortis Sets In
12.Paid in Full
13.The Stench of Death Fills the Air
15.On the Battlefield
16.Fall of the AntiChrist
17.No Mercy for the Fallen
18.Vomiting Forth the Lukewarm
19.Cry of the Innocent
21.Sewage Church
22.The New Covenant, part 1
23.The New Covenant, part 2
24.The Path of Death and Destruction
26.Heretic Circus
27.Daily Crucifixion
28.Cry of Mercy
29.Chained Down
30.Swallowed by Darkness
31.Hammering Satan's Head (Vomitorial Corpulence cover)

 Split with Flesh Denial (split) 2007

Eternal Mystery
1.Intro - GxSxFxGx
3.Betrayed, Beaten, and Slaughtered
4.Waging War Against the Forces of Evil
5.Deceived by the Goat
6.Turn Back
7.Decaying Thoughts of Lust
8.The Reek of Hypocrisy
10.Faithless Belief
11.Infected with Disease
12.Mind Transplant
13.Half-Rotted Corpse that Thinks it it Still Alive

The Ultimate Death Sentence 2008

1.Prepare for the Storms of War
2.30,000 Corpses and Counting
3.The Primary Objective
4.Blind Leading the Blind
5.Double Standard
6.Disgusted (Part 1)
7.Disgusted (Part 2)
8.Perversion of Old
9.Eyes Torn from the Sockets
10.Hatred (Part 2)
11.God is Too Big to Fit Inside a Cardboard Box
12.Death to Misogyny
14.The Mother of All Deceptive Lies
15.Denial of Truth
16.Breaking the Chains that Bind the Faithful
17.War (Part 1)
18.War (Part 2)
19.Standing Firm
20.Spiritual Murderer
21.The Trend (Part 1)
22.The Trend (Part 2)
23.The Generation of Vomit
24.A Massive Horde of Robots
25.Cast into Flames
26.The Choice of Eternal Destiny
27.Leper Gospel (Part 1)
28.Leper Gospel (Part 2)
29.Cotton Candy Laced with Rat Poison
30.Hacked Down and Burned to Nothing
32.The Smell of Death
33.JGSH (Mortification cover) 

 4-way Noise Explosion (split) 2008

Eternal Mystery
43. Intro
44.A Taste of What is to Come
46.Insanity Plea
48.Pseudo-Christianity pt. 1
49.Pseudo-Christianity pt. 2
50.USA (United States of Absurdity)
51.The Actor
52.The New Face of Communism pt. 1
53.The New Face of Communism pt. 2

 Eternal Mystery / Insomnia Isterica (split)

1.Eternal Mystery - Feasting on Ignorance 
2.Eternal Mystery - Complete and Total Chaos 
3.Eternal Mystery - Politically Incorrect
4.Eternal Mystery - Is Abuse a Joke? 
5.Eternal Mystery - National Crisis 
6.Eternal Mystery - The Wages of Sin is... 
7.Eternal Mystery - The Beast 
8.Eternal Mystery - Rewarding the Sloth
9.Eternal Mystery - Stand Your Ground 
10.Eternal Mystery - Cheap Cliches 
11.Eternal Mystery - Fraud 
12.Eternal Mystery - Faithless Belief (re-recorded)

This Means War EP 2008

 1.Time to Grind
2.Army of Clones
3.Open Mouth - Insert Foot
4.Delusional and Weak
5.Life of God on Earth Part 1 - Cloak Made of Human Flesh
6.Life of God on Earth Part 2 - The Ministry
7.Life of God on Earth Part 3 - The Conspiracy
8.Life of God on Earth Part 4 - Death and Resurrection
9.Marketing the Savior - An Examination of Idiotic Behavior
11.The Purpose Driven Business
12.Your Best Scam Now
13.Heretic of the First Degree
14.Dare to Speak Your Mind
15.Pumping Out Trash
16.Mass Spiritual Suicide
17.A Corporation Built on Exploitation
18.Extreme Disgust
19.Intelligence Quotient = 0

20.Full Scale Battle
21.This Means War 

 Fleischwald / Eternal Mystery (split) 2009

 1.Fleischwald - Terror
2.Fleischwald - Feel Free To Make Your Choice
3.Fleischwald - Decomposed
4.Fleischwald - In Cold Blood
5.Fleischwald - Bleeding
6.Fleischwald - Ignorant Mind
7.Fleischwald - Human Waste
8.Fleischwald - Hatred Underground
9.Fleischwald - Grindcore In Your Face + Compromise + No Sorry
10.Fleischwald - Parade Of My Hate
11.Fleischwald - Countdown To Execution
12.Fleischwald - Epileptic Terror
13.Fleischwald - First Blood
14.Fleischwald - Malevolent Scum
15.Fleischwald - I See Lies
16.Fleischwald - 1914 Nations Bleed
17.Fleischwald - Mortal Plague
18.Fleischwald - Fear
19.Eternal Mystery - Discernment
20.Eternal Mystery - The Ringmaster
21.Eternal Mystery - Inhuman Hatred
22.Eternal Mystery - Swimming In An Ocean Of Depravity
23.Eternal Mystery - Holy Hypocrisy
24.Eternal Mystery - A Brain Replaced With Separate Thoughts
25.Eternal Mystery - Consumption Of Vomit
26.Eternal Mystery - Disobedient 

 Eternal Mystery / W. (split) 2009

 1.Once You Have Seen Black...
2.Then You Will Understand
3.Zombie Nation
4.Mutilation of Truth
5.Peace, Love, and Intolerance
6.Portrait of the Human Heart
7.Religious Capitalism
8.A Cesspool of Corrupted Thought
9.Brain Anesthetic
10.Years of Wasted Life
11.Mortuary Sunrise
12.The Neptune Watchtowers
13.Ignore the Silent Whispers
14.Ignorant Falsity
15.Where Art Thou?
16.Realities Last Moment
17.Cursed and Fallen
18.Where Shepherds Mourn
19.Caravans to Cold Void Communion
20.The Ultimate Reflection
21.Four Walls, a Straightjacket, and a Feeling of Emptiness
22.10 Fingers and One Throat
23.No Remorse
25.The Narrator's Last Wish
26.V.196-X28001 (Grains of Sand Allowed in the Primitiveness of Rational Failings)

The Right Wing Conspiracy / Eternal Mystery (split) 2010

1.The Right Wing Conspiracy - Illusion
2.The Right Wing Conspiracy - The Opportunist
3.The Right Wing Conspiracy - Stepped On Your Toes
4.The Right Wing Conspiracy - Agnostic
5.The Right Wing Conspiracy - Science Fiction
6.The Right Wing Conspiracy - Religion of Peace
7.The Right Wing Conspiracy - Bailout
8.The Right Wing Conspiracy - Hell In A Handbasket
9.The Right Wing Conspiracy - No Choice
10.The Right Wing Conspiracy - Mariguanero
11.Eternal Mystery - Dearly Beloved (Beginning of Sorrows)
12.Eternal Mystery - Breath Of Toxins
13.Eternal Mystery - Visions Of Black
14.Eternal Mystery - Nation Of Walking Dead
15.Eternal Mystery - Dismembering The Babylon Whore
16.Eternal Mystery - Inner Termination 
17.Eternal Mystery - Fire Purged Flesh

Demo 2010

1.Blind Eyes See No Truth 
 2.Standing By As Humanity Attempts Suicide 
 3.A Funeral Service for Rationality

Flesh Separation 2010

2.Bile Of The Dictator
3.Blind Eyes See No Truth
4.A World Of Puppets Restrained By The Strings Of Depravity
5.A Funeral Service For Rationality
6.The Sheep And The Shepherd
7.A Walking Tomb
8.Curing The Sickness
9.Breaking The Chains Of Death
 10.Devoid Of Life And Spirit
11.Standing By As Humanity Attempts Suicide 
12.Flesh Separation
     13.Tongues Of Scorn

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