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Mission Of Christ Discography (1987 - 1989)

  Live at the Kennedy Hall '87 1987

2.To Oblivion
3.Silence In Grave 
4.Nocturnal Serenade 
5.The Realms of Evil 
6.Blood Purge 
7.The Return (Crowd Banter) 
8.Love Lust (Power Outage) 
9.Love Lust 
10.Black Under the Grey 
11.Detroit Rock City (Kiss)

Silence in Grave (demo) 1987

1.Intro and Nocturnal Serenade
2.To Oblivion
3.World of Destruction
4.Crypts of Darkness
5.Skies of Revelation
6.Love lust
7.Nightmare Beyond

Rehearsal 26-02-1987

1.Nocturnal Serenade
2.Crypts of Darkness
3.To Oblivion
4.The Return
5.World of Destruction
6.Love Lust
7.Skies of Revelation

 Mission of Christ / Fratricide (split) 1987

1.Mission Of Christ - Nocturnal Serenade
2.Mission Of Christ  - Crypts Of Darkness
3.Fratricide - Razor Piss
4.Fratricide - Circled Adventure

Demo 1989

1.Never to Be
2.Crypts of Darkness
3.Ashes of the Earth

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