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Crimson Moonlight Discography (1997 - 2016)

Glorification of the Master of Light (Demo) 1997

1.Glorification Of The Master Of Light
2.Alone In Silence
3.Ett Kors Restes...
4.From Death To Life
6.Fullmånen Skola Vändas Uti Blod
7.Tidens Slut Ar Nära
8.The Explanation Of Christ's Death
9.A Prayer For Strength
11.Receive The Lord (Bonus Track)

Eternal Emperor EP 1998

2.Where Darkness Cannot Reach
3.Symphony Of Moonlight
4.Eternal Emperor
5.The Final Battle


 Live in Värsås 1998

1.Glorification of the master of light
2.From death to life
3.Alone in silence
4.Skymningsljus (Light of twilight)
5.Ljuset (The light)
6.Eternal emperor
8.Fullmånen skola vändas uti blod (The full moon will turn into blood)

Heralding the Dawn (Demo) 2001

1.Touch of emptiness
2.Your face
3....And Thus Rejoice
4.A Thorn In My Heart

The Covenant Progress 2003

1.Mist of the Spiritual Dimension
2.The Pilgrimage
3.Path of Pain
4.Thy Wilderness
5.Eternal Emperor (revised version)
6.A Painting in Dark
7.Eyes of Beauty
8.A Thorn in My Heart
9.The Covenant

Songs from the Archives (Compilation) 2003

2.Where Darkness Cannot Reach
3.Symphony of Moonlight
4.Eternal Emperor
5.The Final Battle
6.Glorification of the Master of Light (live)
7.From Death to Life (live)
8.Alone in Silence (live)
9.Skymingsljus (Light of Twilight) (live)
10.Ljuset (The Light) (live)
11.Eternal Emperor (live)
12.Postludium (live)
13.Fullmanen Skola V?das Uti Blod (The Full Moon Will Turn Into Blood) (live)
14.Blood Covered My Needs
15.Your Face
16. ouch of Emptiness
17....And Thus Rejoice
18.A Thorn in My Heart
19.The Pilgrimage
20.A Painting in Dark 

 Veil of Remembrance 2004

1.Intimations of Everlasting Constancy
2.Painful Mind Contradiction
3.Embraced by the Beauty of Cold
4.The Echoes of Thought
5.My Grief, My Remembrance
6.The Cold Grip of Terror
7.Illusion Was True Beauty
8.Contemplations Along the Way
9.Reflections Upon the Distress and Agony of Faith 

 In Depths of Dreams Unconscious EP 2007

1.In Depths of Dreams Unconsious
2.The Advent of the Grim Hour
3.Shiver of Fear
4.Alone in Silence

 The Suffering (single) 2014

1.The Suffering

Divine Darkness 2016

1.The Dogma Of Chalcedon
2.The Suffering
3.Divine Darkness
4.I Am Tribulation
5.Voistinu Voskrese
6.Kingdom Of The Wolf
8.In Silence, In Chains

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