Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016

Orationem Discography (2015 - 2016)

Orationem 2015

1. I Come to You for Guidance 
2.To Be the Best Representation of My Faith 
3.Your Glory and Power 
4.A Sense of Spirituality 
5.Your Teachings, Your Love 
6.Sacred and Blessed Are You 

Fulfiller, Sustainer, Preserving Protector 2015

1.Through the Teachings of Your Son 
2.In Awe of Your Greatness 
3.Fulfiller, Sustainer, Preserving Protector 
4.Divine Peace and Contentment 
5.In Your Grace 
6.The Audition for Success 
7. I Will Glorify You Forever 

Not Live in Central Illinois: A Night of Black Metal for Christ  (compilation) 2015

1.Not Live in Central Illinois: A Night of Black Metal for Christ (01:02:48)

 Pure Peace and Joy, Love and Kindness 2016

1. Within You Is Healing, Comfort and Rest 
2.That My Spirit Be Made Whole 
3.Overwhelmed with Gratitude 
4.Eternity with My Lord and Savior 
5.Beauty in Your Creation 

Your Presence and Strength 2016

1.To Turn This Ailment – 6:46
2.Your Presence And Strength – 7:10
3.Conflicted - 6:52
4.Comfort That Never Fails – 6:40
5.Missing The Answer – 6:28
6.A Better Example – 6:14
7.Points of Contrast – 8:12 

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