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Lament Discography (1997 - 2013)

Tears of a Leper  1997

1.Sacrifice of Righteousness 
2.From Pain to Hope 
3. The Mystery of Iniquity 
4.Rivers of Loneliness 
6.Terminating Existence 
7.Absolute Predominance
8.Tears of a Leper 
9.A Cry of Anguish 
10.Chains of Darkness  
Through the Reflection 1999
1.Through the Reflection 
2.Come Near
3.1252 a Dead Without Reason 
4.A Dream at Sunset 
5.The Wind of My Heart 
6.A Cry Near the Forest 
7.Roots of Wind
8.Tears...Instrument for Reflection
Breathless  2001
1.The Sadness of Your Steps 
3.Ocean of Feelings 
4.As an Eagle Flyes 
5.Silent Hero
6.Confronting the Past 
7.Forgotten Warriors 
8.Mist in My Eyes
9.Brothers in Battle 
10.Within My Dreams 
Best of Lament: 14 Years Rocking the World (compilation) 2007
1.Comienza el Amanecer (unreleased song) 
2.Un Canto Entre Mis Lagriamas (unreleased song) 
3.We Keep the Flame Burning (unreleased song)
4.Tears of a Leper 
5.From Pain to Hope 
6.Rivers of Loneliness
7.Through the Relfection 
8.A Dream at Sunset
9.Tears...Instrument for Reflection  
11.Ocean of Feelings 
12.Confronting the Past 
Renaissance 2009
1.As an Eagle Flies Part II (Intro) 
3.Here Comes the Fire 
4.Santo es Jehova (Holy Is the Lord, Creator of the Universe) 
7.Move from the Valley 
9.Culture and Praise 
10.Take This Life 
11.Strings to Heaven 
12.He Is My Peace
13.Arrevientete (Holier than Thou) 
14.Prepare for Battle (instrumental)
Left Behind EP 2013
1. Left Behind 
2.Break the Spirit of Death 
4.Attacked by Argueros 
6.In the Hill of Seven Mountains 

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