Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2016

Faithless Minutes Devoured - "A Eulogy for Humanity" 2015

A Eulogy for Humanity  2015

Disc I
1.A Eulogy for Humanity (intro)
2.Withered and Dying 
3.The Failing as We Fall (Part 1) 
4.The Sun Fades on Mankind's Dust 
5.Light the Fallen
6.The Depths of Oblivion 
7.In Mourning
Disc II
1.Time Grows Short of This World
2.The Failing as We Fall (Part 2)
3.Within the Midst of Realization 
4.Words We Speak to Our Saviour 
5.Damnation Terminated 
6.To Forget the Past (Outro)

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