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Trust Your Heart Discography (2015 - 2017)

Trust Your Heart 2015

1. ALways Less Worthy of you

2. Lament of a man With Corrupted soul
3. Dark Thought In my head
4. The Word incarnated
5. An obscure Bloodworld
6. Too many vision of apocalypse
7. The Light of Christ
8. Blood Sacrifice (Cryptic Embrance cover)

  A Battle Where We Are in the Middle 2015

1. Our Weakness 
3.The Stand
4.Fall of Men
6.Forgive Me
7.Don't Worry My Friend

We Are in Your Hands 2015

1. We Are in Your Hands
2.Evil Is Permitted for a Superior Goodness
3.The Angels
4.The Crusader
5.Holy Friar
6.In Communion with God
7.Mother Mary
8.Desgarra la vestidura de Bafometh (Nokturnal Poetry cover)

Waiting His Return  2016

1.From the Virgin Womb
2.Joseph the Carpenter
3.Magnificat (The Hymn of Mary to the Lord)
4.The Good Shepherd
5.Waiting His Return
6.All Faces Turn Ashen (Hated cover) 

Heaven's Reach 2016

1.Sotto la tua protezione 
2.Sovereign Jesus of Nazareth 
3.Glory of God
4.Destroy All Your Idols 
5.Defeat the Demons 
7.Heaven's Reach 

Not by the Sword But by the Cross 2016

1.Not by the Sword But by the Cross 
2.Defeat of the False Pagan Idols
3.The Temple of the Holy Spiri
4.The Power of Charity 
5.Reject Your Hatred 
6.Victory Belongs to Jesus Christ

Disciples of the Cross 2016

1.Simon Peter
2.Conversion of St.Paul
3.Disciples of the Cross
4.Deggial Is Falling Defeated
5.Death Will Never Be

A Winter Journey 2017

1.Don't Point Your Finger 
2.False Freedom of Today
3.Trying My Best 
4.Jesus Saving Grace Is a Lot Better than Heavy Metal 
5.Path to Recounciliation
6.Shy (Sonata Arctica cover) 
7.No eroina (Bloody Riot cover)  

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