Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015

Rising Hour Discography (2005 - 2007)

Demo 2005

1.Call of the Night 
2. The Everlasting Flame 
3. Confessions 
4.Warriors of God

Nocturnal Worship EP 2005

1.Summoning the Holocaust 
2. Beneath the Full Moon 
3. In Flames of Glory Rides the Warlord 
4. Nocturnal Worship
 Call of the Night (compilation) 2006

1.Frozen Wastelands of the Soul 
2. Rising Hour 
3.Then Who Remains 
4. Call of the Night 
5.The Everlasting Flame 
7. Warriors of God 
8. Wisdom of the Fools 
9. Storms of Tribulation 
10. From the Depths of Despair 
11.Call of the Night .
12. Summoning the Holocaust 
13.To the Pantheon 
14.Holy Unblack Metal
15. Journey Through Desolation 
 Into the Great Unknown EP 2007

1.Devil in the Details 
2. Wisdom of the Fools 
3. Babylon Burns 
4. Synesthesia 
5. Into the Great Unknown

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