Montag, 25. Mai 2015

Revulsed Discography (2015 - 2017)

Infernal Atrocity 2015

1.Rapacious Engorgement
2.Agonising Putrid Self Infliction  
3.Pestilential Articulation
4.Imposed Cognitive Reconstruction 
5.Transmutational Craniotom
6.Archetypal Cauterization
7.Enticement To Carnivorous Impoverishment
8.Celestial Perspicacity 
9.Infernal Atrocity

Live Atrocity - The Inception Of Sufferance 2017

1.Rapacious Engorgement Live
2.Agonising Putrid Self-Infliction Live 
3.Pestilential Articulation Live
4.Imposed Cognitive Reconstruction  Live
5.Transmutational Craniotomy  Live
6.Archetypal Cauterization Live
7.Enticement To Carnivorous Impoverishment Live
8.Celestial Perspicacity Live
9.Infernal Atrocity Live
10.Hammer Smashed Face

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