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Requiem Eternam Discography (2007 - 2012)

In Memorium...2007
1.Mortem Autem Crucis
2. In Memorium... 
3. Sacrificium Vespertinum 
4. Misere Mihi Domine 
5. Ut Audiam Vocem Laudis 
6. Veni Sanctificator 
7. Martyrium Sanguine 
 Medieval Times 2008
1. Medieval Times 
2.Heart of Knight
3. In the Name of God 
4.Terrible Battle
5. The Great King 
6.The Last Castle
7. Dreams for the Sky 
 The Empire of Kings 2009
1. The Empire of Kings 
2. The Throne and the Altar 
3. Emperor of the West 
4.Teutonic Knights
5. Roman Empress 
6. The Return of the Sacred Dynasty 
7.The Crowning

Visions of Eternity 2010
1. Abandon Every Hope 
2. Into the Blind World 
3.The Third Circle
4. The Suffering City 
5.Angel Guide
6. The Terrible Wait 
7.Prisoner of Love
8. The Eternal Bliss 
9.Divine Union

Stories of Another Age 2011

1.Stories of Another Age
2.The Beginning
4. Death from Heavens 
5. 3 Days of Darkness 
6. The Ancient Crypt 
7.The Return...

In the Tower of Time (compilation) 2012

1.In the Tower of Time 
2. Warriors in the Night 
3.Medieval Times
4. The Empire of Kings 
5.Heart of Knight
6. Emperor of the West 
7.Roman Empress
8. Teutonic Knights 
9.Rivers of Blood
10. The Crowning 
11. Terrible Battle 
12.Dreams for the Sky
13. Triumph

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