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Ajalon Discography (1996 - 2009)

 Light at the End of the Tunnel 1996

1.Illusion Of Permanence
2.Spiritual Fire
3.Girl on a Swing
4.A Thief in the Night
5.To Fly With You
7.Light at the End of the Tunnel
8.The Long Road Home
 a/ So It's Come to This
 b/ Famous Last Words
 c/ Brush With Life
 d/ Free at Last
 e/ The Long Road Home
 On the Threshold of Eternity 2005

1.Anthem of the Seventh Day (instrumental(
2.Promised Land
3.Sword of Goliath
4.Holy Spirit Fire
5.Psalm 61
6.What Kind of Love
7.The Highway
8.Forever I Am
9.On the Threshold of Eternity

This Good Place 2009

1.Love Is A Dream
2.Nickels & Dimes, Marbles & Stones
3.Not Man
4. Abstract Malady 
5. Lullaby of Bedlam
 a/ Make It Home by Sunrise
 b/ Out of the Ashes
 c/ Lead Me On
 7.This Good Place

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