Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Thy Bleeding Skies Discographie (2008 - 2014)

Chapters of Downfall 2008

1.At the Edge 
3. Thy Bleeding Skies 
4.Burning Angels
5. Die Ideale 
7. Slumber 
8. Where Live Shall Grow

Autumn Souls 2011

 1.The Chaos That Comes
2.The Breed of Tragedies and Fears
4.Autumn Souls
5.Gonna be a Bad Day
6.The Inner Aspect
7.The Fallen One
8.When All Is Sad and Done
9.In Endless Dreams Everything Dies
10. The Sky Still Bleeds

 Seconds of Immortality 2014

1.A Second of Immortality 
2.Simple Excuse
3.Without Reason 
4.Disciple of Digital Dawn 
6.The Evidence 
7.Cracked Frozen Shell 
8.Eyes of October
9.When Dreams Are Frozen in Time 
10.Prison of Lies
11.Deprivation of Humanity 
12.Doomed to Cry

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