Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

Creations Discography (2010 - 2013)

Riuned EP 2010

1. Intro (This Is Worship)
2.Chose Generation
3.Gaining Ground
4.For Our King
5.Dead Man Walking
The Gospel 2011
1. The Wandering, the Call
2. The Wolf, the Clothes
3. The Lion, the Lamb
4. The Rich, the Poor
5. The Cross, the Deserving
6.The I Am
7. The Idols, the Warning
8.The Mist, The Storm
9. The Tongue, the Sword
10.The Coward, the Lie
11. The Almighty, the Wretch
Unworthy - Humility 2013
1. Dephts of Me (Unworthy)
2. Corrupted in Thought (Ill-Deserving)
3. Home Is What I Left (Betrayer) 
4. Chasing the Wind (Vanity) 
5. Paid in Full (My Neglect) 
6. Eyes, a Gateway (Our Abyss) 
7. Interlude (Desperation) 
8. None of Me (Humility)
9. Newborn Race (the Untamed) 
10. Re-Evaluation of Self Worth (Hypocrisy)

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