Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

Amen Diskografija (1994 - 2016)

LSD - Live Suffer Die (demo) 1994

1.Union Mind Dead 
2. Sense of Life 
3. Live Suffer Die
4. Hatred Inside 
5. Final Destruction 

The Eyes of Truth Are Always Watching You 2005

1. False belief 
2. Buried alive 
4.Fallen World
5. (Don`t be) Condemned for eternity 
6.Dead Dream
7.Face the God
10. Monument of blood

 Return of the King (demo) 2006

1.Post obliteration age 
2. Nuclear remains 
3. Fear of fate 
5. March of the harvester 
6. Procession to Jerusalem 
7. Return of the King

The Lost Prophet (demo) 2007

1.The Lost Prophet 
2.Your Love
3. Heavenlion 
4. God`s Love Will Enter 
5. Hail Mary
6.Age of Doom

Way of Cross (demo) 2008

1. Way of cross 
3.Love Inside
5.Saint Paul
6. Scars of Horror 

 Repent EP 2011

2. Return of the Stormrider 
3. Rise of the Fallen Ones 
4. Sign of God
7. Defenders of Faith 

  Alpha & Omega (demo) 2013

1.Horror of War (And Peace) 
2. Sacred Heart of Jesus 
4. Generation of Sin 
5.Mind Execution
6. Fallen Heroes 
7. Evil Behind the Mask 
8. Alpha & Omega
9. Return of the King 

Ad Benedictum 2016

1.Intro - Ad Benedictum (Orchestra version)
2.Broken Lines
3.King of the Saints
4.My Angels
5.Pray Before the Storm
7.Where My Ways Go
8.Outro - Ad Benedictum (Piano version)

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