Samstag, 18. Januar 2014

Rivera/Bomma Discography (2001 - 2013)

Invisible Force 2001

1.Invisible Force
3.Tarot Reader
4. Cry of Love 
6. No Win Situation 
7.The Holy One (bonus track)
8. Hand of God
9.Revelation (bonus track)
10.Full Moon In Spain 
11. Cry of Love (Acoustic version) 

 I Am God 2006

1. I Am God 
2. You Are My Child 
3. He Died For You 
4.Oh Girl
5.Ridding High
6. The Holy One 
7.Sing To Me
9. La Voz De Mi Guitarra 

Infinite Journey of Soul 2013

1.I.J.O.S. Intro
2. Infinite Journey of Soul 
3.Empty Desire
4.In Blood
5.Via Doloresa
6. Angel and Demons 
7.Horizon's End
8. In My Dreams 
9.The Maker
10. Before the End - MMXIII (Solo)

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