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Flesh Incineration Discography (2009 - 2017)


 Demo 2009

2.18 Years Ago Today
5.Repulsive Abhorrence Emanating Actuation
6.Not Your Saint
7.BNilla (pt. two)
8.Sophie's Song
9.Pus Infested Laryngeal Estuary

 Moar Nukes Plz (demo) 2012

1.Moar Nukes Plz
2.Conservative Compassion
3.Double Edged Casualties

The Funeral Grind 
Flesh Incineration / Betray The Oracle (split) 2012

1.Flesh Incineration - Disgust Me
2.Flesh Incineration - Not your Saint
3.Flesh Incineration - PxIxLxEx
4.Flesh Incineration - Closed Minded
5.Flesh Incineration - OWWW!!! (Safeguard Tribute)
6.Betray the Oracle - The Summer Storms Of January
7.Betray the Oracle - The Blood Red Handshake (Horror)
8.Betray the Oracle - Ascending (Rebirth)
9.Betray the Oracle - ...The Beauty Of Her In Dreams...

 Nescient Atrophy 2014

1.Waste of Time
2.Hell House
3.Derogatory Diction
4.Talk is Cheap; Violence is Worthless
5.Wild at Heart
6.Why So Threatened?
8.Idolizing Idolatry
9.To Hell in a Hand Basket
10.That Infallible Thing--Logic
11.Mob Mentality
12.Intro to GGH
13.Gory, Gory, Hallelujah
15.Let's Not Be Too Compassionate Now
16.So Tough, So Violent, So Macho, So Incomplete
17.Natural Order
18.Citizen Meme
19.Egalitarianism is a Big Word for You
20.You Will Bear What You Bear
21.Self Loathing
22.Poor White Racist
23.Adoring, Controlling, Zealots
24.Binary Thinking
25.Hate the World, for I First Created it

Moar Nukes Plz (Re-Recorded) (single) 2015

1.Moar Nukes Plz
2.Conservative Compassion
3.Double Edged Casualties

The Funeral Grind (Re-Recorded) EP 2015

1.Disgust Me 
2.Not Your Saint 
3.The Tongue Is Telling 
4.Closed Minded

 Fuel For The Fire 2015

1.Chains of Fear
2.Dream Our Dreams 
3.Setting The Record Crooked 
4.Free (No Money Down) Salvation (Pay Later) 
5. Patriotic Nationalists

Inglorious  EP 2016

1.Honing Stagnation 
2.Social Injustice Warriors 
3.Eyes and Ears to What 
4.Some People Can't Make a Joke 
5.Terrorist Is Yet Another Word for Coward 
6.Coward Is Yet Another Word for Human 
7.There Is No Glory... 
9.You're Not Pro-Life 
10.Glory in Tragedy Is Tragic
11.Cheap Rationalization of Objectification 
12.Calling It 

Authoritarian Populism EP 2016

1.Reckless Resistance
2.Authoritarian Populism
3.You Disagree or Do You? 

Never Enough EP 2017

1.Never Enough
2.Corporate Care 
3.Say Goodbye 

Faces of Death III EP 2017

1.What's in the Bags?
2.Spectacle of Blood
3.Narcissist Assured Destruction
4.Creature on the Wing

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