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Sabbatariam Discography (2002 - 2014)

Sword of God (demo) 2002

1.Holy Bible 
2.Meeting Place 
3.Come Into My Life 

Demoniciduth / Sabbatariam 
 The Valley of the Shadow / Dogs of Antichrist (split) 2005

1.Sabbatariam - Intro (Psalm 23) 
2.Sabbatariam - Bear the temptation 
3.Sabbatariam - Came into my life 
4.Sabbatariam - Putrid Corpse 
5.Sabbatariam - Recantation 
6.Sabbatariam - Holy Bible 
7.Sabbatariam - To the end 
8.Demoniciduth - Thou shalt not kill 
9.Demoniciduth - Oppression 
10.Demoniciduth - New Life 
11.Demoniciduth - Torrents d'amour 
12.Demoniciduth - Dogs of antichrist 
13.Demoniciduth - Notre Pere 
14.Demoniciduth - Heaven or hell

  From Dust to Dust EP 2007

1.Dead in the Battle (Tribute to Sentido Oposto) 
2.Come Touch the Sky (Trouble cover) 
3.Pathogenic Ocular Dissionance (Tourniquet cover) 

  The Valley Of the Shadows 2012

2.Bear The Temptation
3.Putrid Corpse
4.Came Into my Life
6.Holy Bible
7.To the End

Bonus Tracks
8.Heroes (Bride Cover)
9.To Hell with the Devil (Stryper Cover)
10.The Gift of Compassion
11.Triumphy to New World
12.The new world

 From Abandonment to Salvation 2014

1.The Birth
2.From Birth to Abandoment 
3.The Gift of Compassion 
4.Pain and Suffering 
5.Victorious in the New World 
6.The New World 
7.Filthiness of the Flesh 
8.The Nightmare, part 1 
9. The Nightmare, part 2
10.Extreme Reborn

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