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Animae Capronii Discography (2009 - 2015)


Animae Capronii - The Oldest Relics
Bestial Cult (split) 2009

Animae Capronii
1. Lance of the Almighty
2. Cup of Salvation
3. Ark of Prophecies
4. Covenant Chalice of Blood (Poems Of Shadows Cover)
5. Bestial Cult
6. The Deads Are Not Dead
7. Oath
8. In the End of Destruction

Animae Capronii - Vampirismus
Praise Lamented Shade (split) 2009

Animae Capronii
1. The Vampire Spirit
2. Dreamscape Territories
3. Dr.Van Helsing's Testament

Dark Metamorphosis
4. Mikael's Apprentices
5. But Enough Talk (I'm Out of Here)
6. Memories of Andelain

Shadow, Shining Petals in the Air at Serenity Lake 2009

1. The Dawn Of Devil's Temptation (4:06)
2. Song Of The Martyrdom (4:27)
3. A Forest Where Frost Rain Falls Down (5:25)
4. At The Crepuscular Shadows,The Spectres Appears (3:53)
5. The Conversion (4:57)
6. Morphing Into Animal (4:29)
7. Return To The Age Of The Light (5:10)
8. Verminaard (Crehiv cover) (2:30)
9. Forever Alive (Megilloth cover) (5:54)

 Animae Capronii - Far Away from Timeless Places 
 Flowing Tears of Inner Sadness (split) 2009

Animae Capronii
1. The Battle Of Frostvale (O'Majestic Winter cover)
2. Witch Of Death (Martyvore cover)
3. Never Forgive (Impaled Nazarene cover)
4. Death Slaughter (Beliar cover)
5. The Dark Hills (Varathron cover)
6. The Day Of Total Armageddon Holocaust (Horde cover)

Atrocious Depression
7. Introducing The Despair
8. Has Reached The End
9. Knot In My Throat
10. Mark Of Honour
11. Crusade To Nothing
12. More

 A Moment of Harmony in My Mind (compilation) 2009

1. The Ancient Scroll (4:40)
2. Spear Of The Almighty (3:57)
3. Cup Of Salvation (3:40)
4. Ark Of Prophecies (4:03)
5. Covenant Chalice Of Blood (Poems Of Shadows cover) (5:42)
6. The Oblivion Inside (3:39)
7. The Carpenter (Nightwsh cover) (5:45)
8. Marraskuu (Miljoonassade cover) (3:06)
9. A Pale Salmon In The Morning Mist (4:23)
10. FrostSorrowStorm (3:46)
11. An Unsiegeable Fortress (3:30)
12. Wrath Supreme (5:11)
13. The Legend Of Spearfinger (The Cruxvoid cover) (13:54)
14. La Notte in Cui Divenni Un Vampiro (5:21)
15. Decease Lady (7:24)

Black Swans Cry Blood-red Tears Under the White Moon 2009

1. Confessione
2. Errori di un passato non troppo lontano...
3. Il Valore Della Vita
4. Abbracciando La Battaglia
5. Baphomet Decapitato
6. La Caduta Dei Demoni
7. Caverns Of Unspekeable Darkness (O'Majestic Winter cover)
8. The Fog is Always Cold (Atrocious Depression cover)

 Lonely Steps of a Blind Guardian Angel Echo Here 2010

1. Holy Celebration
2. Flames Of Purgatory
3. Sensation Among The Summer Trees
4. Eviration Of The Unholy Majesty
5. Pentecoste
6. Sacred Rites For The Lord
7. Castration Of The Devil
8. Destroying The Demonic Altar
9. Watchtowers of The Holy Kingdom (O'Majestic Winter cover)

  In Eternal Heaven Of Silent Whispers 2010

1. Calm Of The Silent Fields
2. Cries Of Sorrow
3. Chant Of Pentiment
4. Eternal Forgiveness
5. Revealed Secrets
6. Walking The Path
7. The Oldest Relics
8. Hope
9. On This Throne I'll Cry
10. Through The Shadows Of A Dark Land (Inflamed Impurity cover)
11. Beyond Closed Doors (Willow Mount cover)

  The Ancestral Chronicles EP 2010

1.God Is My Master (Intro) 
2. Sign Of The Falcon 
3. Slaying The Chimera 
4. Mirror Of Nightmare Death 
5. Pierce The Serpent's Head 
6. Far Away From Timeless Places 
7. Ruined by my Sins 
8. Trust Your Faith (Outro) 
9. Fuck You All (TEKE cover-unblack version) 
10. Harmonies I Whisper (EZAYAH cover) 

Winter Psalms 2011

1.Two Ways 
2. God Choose His King 
3. Lament of a Believer 
4. The Greatest Joy 
5. Morning Prey 
6. Cry of a Persecuted 
7. Appeal to God's Justice 
8. Highness of Man and God's Goodness 
9. Thanks to God, Defender of the Oppressed Ones 
10. Dialogue with God About the Evil People 

 Please Forgive Me Oh Lord 2011

1.Faith in God's Justice 
2. Pray in a Corrupted World 
3. Lament of a Desperate 
4. Unconscience & Faith 
5. To Stay in the House of God 
6. Chant of Faith by a Converted Man 
7. Certainty of an Innocent 
8. Chant of a Victorious King 
9. I Am Legend (Stormlord cover) 
10. Man of Iron (Bathory cover) 
11. Born to Make You Happy (Britney Spears cover) (Bonus hidden track)

 Libera Nos Domine 2011

1.Ode to God for the Creation 
2. Wish to the King for Victory 
3. Liturgy for King's Celebration 
4. Scream of Anguish & Chant for Thanksness 
5. Chant for Trustness 
6. Dialogue at the Gates of the Temple 
7. Lament of a Sinner 
8. Pray of an Innocent 
9. Flying (Anima Mundi cover) 


 Do Not Let Me Die Like a Sinner 2012

1.Certainty & Pray 
2. Beesech of an Innocent 
3. Hymn to the Voice of God 
4. The Healing 
5. Pray of a Right Man Mocked Up 
6. Entreaty to Pentiment 
7. Ode to the Creator 
8. God Protect the Righteous Men 

  Pray of an Innocent 2012

1.Meditation About the Lord 
2. Ask for Defence 
3. God, Light of Man 
4. Fate of Good & Evil 
5. Beesech for a Diseased Man 
6. Frailty of Life 
7. Into Suffering Again 
8. Healed from Disease 
9. Solar Blast (ft.Gilles Chemin) 
10. Divine Grace (hidden bonustrack) 

 Requiem for a Friend 2012

1.Lament of the Oppressed People 
2. The Wedding 
3. God Dominate the World 
4. Hymn to the Lord 
5. Ode to the Mountain & the City 
6. Reflections About Death, Vanity & Richness 
7. Judgement of God 
8. Imploration to Forgive 
9. The Darkness I 
10. The Darkness II 

 A Solemn Chanting Arise for You 2012

1.Contro l'arroganza 
2. Incoscienza e fede 
3. Giustizia per un perseguitato 
4. Tradito dagli amici 
5. Fede di una persona umile 
6. Pregando il tuo aiuto 
7. Signore salvaci 
8. Liberaci dalle tenebre 
9. Preghiera nella sconfitta 
10. Preghiera per la vita 
11. Fiducia in Dio 
12. Polvere d'ombra (Willow Mount cover) 
13. Nube di Montagna (Willow Mount cover) 
14. Goatlord 
15. Rintocchi di campana nel gelido vento del nord/Blasfema abominazione del pentagramma (Horde cover) 

  Heavenly Unblack Metal 2012

1.Wish of God 
2. Ambush the evil 
3. Hymn to The Lord 
4. Thanks for givin' life 
5. Blessing 
6. Victory 
7.The Pray
8. Come oh'Lord 
9,Old Man
10. Fire,Water & Wing (Calvarium cover) instrumental

  Still Walking the Path 2013

1.To Jesus
2. Presunction of Evil 
3. Lament on the Ruins 
4.Destroy the Evil
6. Remembering Again 
7.A Story
8. Crying on the Ruins of Jerusalem 
9. Crying for Your People 
10.Nostalgia of God
11. Perennial Journey of a Light Dreamer (bonustrack) 

 Save Me from the Darkest Nights 2013

1. Condemn for the World's Dominators 
2. Against the Conspiracy 
3. Past, Present, Future 
4. Nostalgia of God pt.II 
5. Persistent Pray 
6.Homeland of All People
7. Lament of a Desperate pt.II 
8.The Ancient Promise
9. Within Her Heart (Isengard cover) 

  Escape from the dark 2013

1. Master of time 
2.Divine protection
3. Chant of a joyful man 
4.A stable world
5. Eye that judge 
6.Listen to The Lord
7. The Universal King 
8.Throne of justice
9.A new chant
10. Proclamando las victorias de Jehova (Armifherum cover) 

 Jesus Is My Hope When I Am Hopeless (demo) 2014

1.I Am Not Worthy 
2.Mocked & Derided 
3.A Concrete Faith 
4.False Beliefs
5. World's Situation (Awaiting His Kingdom) 
6. Unblack Metal Hymn 
7. Jesus Will Come Again 
8. A Sovereign Fortress (Antestor cover) 
9. Servants of Mammon (As I Wept For Thee cover) 
10. Cherry Orchards (Celtic Frost cover) 
11. Murderous Trap (Frozen Plasma cover)

 Jesus Is My Hope When I Am Hopeless  2014

1.I Am Not Worthy 
2.Mocked & Derided 
3.A Concrete Faith 
4.False Beliefs
5. World's Situation (Awaiting His Kingdom) 
6. Unblack Metal Hymn 
7. Jesus Will Come Again 
8. A Sovereign Fortress (Antestor cover) 
9. Servants of Mammon (As I Wept For Thee cover) 
10. Cherry Orchards (Celtic Frost cover) 
11. Murderous Trap (Frozen Plasma cover)
12.The Grey Summer 
13.Last Words of a Templar Knight
14.With Jesus in The Woods Of Gethsemane
15.Walking in The Holy Night

 By His Side 2014

2.See you in Heaven 
3. Beware the sin 
4.Damnation after the wide gate 
5. Satan is the enemy 
6. Majesty of the sky 
7. Persecution of the wicked 
8. Life of sacrifices 

 Trust your heart 2015

 1.Shadow, Shining Petals In The Air At Serenity Lake (2009)
2. A Solemn Chanting Arise For You (2012)
3.Black Swans Cry Blood-red Tears Under the White Moon (2009)
4.Do Not Let Me Die Like a Sinner (2012)
5.In Eternal Heaven Of Silent Whispers (2010)
6.Libera Nos Domine (2011)
7.Please, Forgive Me Oh Lord (2011)
8.Pray Of An Innocent (2012)
9.Requiem For a Friend (2012)      

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