Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Lars Eric Mattsson Discography (1987 - 2018)


The Final Poem (demo) 1987

Side A
1.Can't Go on Without Your Love 
2.Mujaheddin Warrior 
3.The Eagle
4.Eastern Evil 

Side B
1.Witches Burning 
2.The Exciter
3.Tales Untold 
4.The Final Poem

Can't Go On Without Your Love (single) 1987

Side A
1.Can't Go On Without Your Love 
2.Mujaheddin Warrior

Side B
1.The Exciter
2.Eastern Evil 

Eternity 1988

1.Break Your Chains      
2.Let It Rock   
3.Where Do We Go ? 
4.Mujahedin Warrior 
5.Can't Go On Without Your Love 
6.Devil in Your Mirror 
8.Love Is the Answer 
9.Tales Untold 
10.Waiting for the Night 
11.Midsummer Night's Magic 

No Surrender 1989

2.Tear Down the Border 
3.Lady Luck 
4.Since Love Died 
5.Crocodile Walk 
6.Just to Survive 
7.Chasing Shadows 
8.Menuet (J. S. Bach) 
9.Proud N' Free 
10.Midnight Train 
11.Lady Death 
12.The Magician 
13.When Silence Came to Remain 
14.Third Circle 
15.The Stranger

 Electric Voodoo (instrumental) 1991

1.Chrome Kills 
2.Electric Voodoo 
3.The Exciter 
7.Way Out 
8.Green Cats
9.Little Rock 
10.The Cry of Love 

  Vision 1992

1.I'm Your Fool 
2.Making Love in a Dream 
3.Sail Away 
4.All Over Now 
5.Try One More Time 
6.Round and Round 
7.Never Set Me Free 
8.Thin Line 
9.Remember This Night 
10.Strangers in the Night 
11.Don't Go
12. Waiting For the Rain 
13.How Long

Obsession 1998

1.Caught in Your Web 
3.Just a Leo
5.Long Way Home
6.Time And Again 
7.Sense and Obsession 
8.Mother Forgive 
9.As the Sun Meets the Sky 
10.Eyes of a Child 
11.Lay it on the Line 
12. And the Road Goes On 

Another Dimension 2000

2.Crash and Burn
3.Don't Chain My Mind 
4.Angel Blue
5.Burn the Witch 
6.Burning My Soul
7.Don't Lose Your Patience 
8.Another Dimension
9.Road of Babylon 
10.In Both Ends 
11.Save Our Souls
12.Memory Lane 
13.Wait for the Angels 
14.Cry No More

Power Games 2003

1.Open the Gate 
2.Victim of Freedom
3.Blind Faith 
4.Chained to My Pain 
5.Bridge to the Past 
6.Safely Through the Fight 
7.Beyond the Horizon-Guitar Concerto No. I 
8.Lead Me On My Way 

 War 2005

1.Where's Our Chance 
2.Your Dream
3.Deep In The Shadows 
4.Smoke And Mirrors 
5.A Dreamer's Lullaby 
6.This Is The End 
7.War Suite Concerto 

 Earthbound (instrumental) 2005

1.From the Skies 
3.Time Capsule 
6.The Orchid
7.Free Wind 
8.Song of the Woods 
9.Closed Eyes

Dream Child 2008

1.Prelude To Life 
2.I'm Coming Home 
3.Dream Child
4.Killing Everything 
5.This Is Our Time 
6.See The Dreamer Behold 
7.Until Our Last Goodbye 
8.Moonlight Dream 
9.Heart Of A Clown 
10.Life In The Shadows 
11.Heaven And Hell Unite 

 No Surrender + Live 2009

2.Tear Downthe Border 
3.Lady Luck
4.Since Love Died 
5.Crocodile Walk 
6.Just to Survive 
7.Chasing Shadows 
10.Midnight Train 
11.Lady Death
12.The Magician 
13.When Silence Came to Remain 
14.Third Circle 
15.The Stranger
16.Can't Go On Without Your Love (Live) 
17.The Exciter (Live) 
18.Break Your Chains (Live) 
19.Eternity (live)
20.Goodnight (Live) 

Tango 2010

1.Never Stand Down 
4.The Grand Escape 
5.I'll Find Another Way 
7.The Scream of My Soul 
8.The Fire Is Burning 
9.Chain Me 
10.Tour De Force 
11.Slave to the Road 

Aurora Borealis 2011

3.Cold Water Spirit 
4.Forward Thinking 
5.Revolutionary Star 
6.The Heart 
7.Eternal Cycles 
8.Clear Skies 
9.Planetary Strength 
10.Parisienne Etude 
11.Midnight Sun 

Epicentre  2013

1.Wait for the Sunrise 
2.A New Devil
4.Land of Dreams
5.Melting Down 
6.No One Else
7.South of the Border (instrumental)
8.No Way, No Surrender 
10.So Far Away
11.Freedom Fighters (instrumental)
12.Too Late 
13.I Don't Know 
14.Cold Inside
15.Andalucía (instrumental)
16.No More War
17.Scratch My Back 
18.Clouding My Eyes 

Songs from a Different Room 2015

1.All We've Got 
2.Keep Pushing Me On 
3.Hold On 
4.I Feel Your Spirit 
5.Temporary State of Confusion 
6.Just Let It Rain 
7.Shadow of Doubt 
8.Keep on Burning
9.Sweet Taste of Mystery
10.Remain Unsolved 

 Never Coming Home (single) 2016

1.Never Coming Home

Sand and Blood 2018

1.Rock Your World
2.Snow Queen
4.Queen iof Love
5.Helena of Troy
6.Stand up and Shout
7.Bleed for You
8.I'll Be Your Light
9.If Loving You Is a Sin
10.Can't Go on Without Your Love (2017 Version)
11.Still Here Waiting