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Flaskavsae Discography (2005 - 2010)

Celestial 2005

1.Rock of Celestiia 
2.Without War 
3 Raised By Fire 
4.Lucid Intervals 
6.Blood for Their Idols 
7.Mythos Unseen 
8.The Clouds Shall Cover

Eclipse In Tides EP 2006

 1.Head First Into Oblivion   
2.Wars Developed From Ignorance      
3.Trusting In The Son       
4.Eclipse In Tides     
5.Incomplete Endless Mystery

Nahum / Flaskavsae (split) 2006


1.Tribulations of the Cross
2.Mighty God
3.Threatened but Trusting
4.Prayer of an Afflicted Sinner


5.Playing the Harlot
6.He Built no More
7.Portrayed upon the Wall

 Philosophies 2007

1.Twilight Reminiscent of Slumer 
2.Parallels to Nothing 
3.Eating Light 
5.The Longest Ritual 
6.When Forever is Lost 
7.The Shortest Ritual 
8.Wotansvoid-False Deity 

Celestial Eclipses (compilation) 2007

1.Rock of Celestiia 
2.Without War 
3.Raised By Fire 
4.Lucid Intervals 
6.Blood For Their Idols 
7.Mythos Unseen 
8.The Clouds Shall Cover 
9.Head First Into Oblivion 
10.Wars Developed From Ignorance 
11.Trusting in the Son 
12 Eclipse In Tides 
13.Incomplete Endless Mystery 
14.Playing the Harlot 
15.He Built No More 
16.Portrayed Upon the Wall

  Requiem IV (split) 2008

Dark Procession

1.The Dark Foreshadow   
3.The Mourning 
4.Beneath the Sky We Die and Drown in the Moors         


5.The Initial Shock of Mortality   
6.Anger Towards Thy Beloved      
7.Sadness Hath Consumed All        
8.Final Acceptance of the Inevitable        
9.Cold Silence in Deep Slumber Following Thy Light 

 Parallels To Nothing: Demos 2006 - 2007 (compilation) 2008

1.Philosophies I (Intro) 
2.Twilight Reminiscent of Slumber 
3.Parallels to Nothing I 
4.Playing the Harlot 
5.Portrayed Upon the Wall 
6.He Built No More 
7.Eclipse in Tides 
8.Incomplete Endless Mystery 
9.Parallels to Nothing II 
10.Philosophies II (Outro)

In Memory EP 2008

2.His Final Winter 
3.During The Reign of Sorrow 
4.In Memory

 Light Shall Prevail / Flaskavsae (split) 2008


1.Hymns Of Praise 
2.Metaphysical Quest
3.Petitioning The Heavens 
4.The Coming Endtimes 

Light Shall Prevail

6.The Knot Within The Rope 
7.Entangled By Bonds
8....To Never Speak Again

Christmas EP 2008

1.The Birth of Jesus
2.The Coming of the Wise Men 
3....and Know Her Not Till 
4.Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh 
5.The Flight into Egypt 
6.There is No Christmas Without Christ

Two Pillars 2010

1.The Most Holy Place
2.Figures Of Angels, Palm Trees And Open Flowers
3.The Hall Of The Forest Of Lebanon
4.Throne Room (Or Judgement Hall)
5.Overlaid With Gold
6.The Ark Of The Covenant Of The Lord
7.Two Statues Of Angels
8.Forgive Your People
9.Megiddo And Gezer
10.Two Pillars

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