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Dark Procession Discography (2006 - 2011)

Ghost Echoes 2006

1.Fading Autumn 
2.Portrait of Silence 
3.Upon My Return... 
4.Forest Throne 
5.As I Silently Watch 
8.Farewell Ashes 
9.The Dawn Haunts the Ghost

 Mists of Darkness EP 2006

2.Mists of Darkness 
3.Burn the Twilight 
4.Nox Noctis 
5.En Vind Av Sorg (Darkthrone cover) 
6.Amidst Sorrow

 Requiem IV (split) 2008

Dark Procession

1.The Dark Foreshadow   
3.The Mourning    
4.Beneath the Sky We Die and Drown in the Moors          


5.The Initial Shock of Mortality     
6.Anger Towards Thy Beloved     
7.Sadness Hath Consumed All       
8.Final Acceptance of the Inevitable           
9.Cold Silence in Deep Slumber Following Thy Light

 Eternal Autumn Solitude 2011

1. ...And Despair 
2.Eternal Autumn Solitude 
3.Haven Of Fire 
4.Midsummer Reveries 
5.Forests Of The Dawn 
6.Upon The Harvest Sky 
7.Hymns Of The Ashes

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