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Sunroad Discography (1999 - 2017)

Heat from the Road 1999
1.Gunpowder and Spark 
2.The Risnig Star
3.Hero or Criminal
4.Free Spirit
5.It's Harder Than It Looks 
6.Desert Horizons
7.If Choose, You'll Lose 
8.Skin Sadness
9.Dancing in the Dark
Light Up the Sky EP 2001
1.Light Up the Sky
2.Einleitung (Master Light) 
3.Livin' and Lovin'
Arena of Aliens 2003

1.Einleitung (Master Light) 
2.Light Up the Sky
3.Chains Must Be Hard
4.The Amadeus Journey
5.Livin' and Lovin' 
6.Arena of Aliens
7.Midwest Sand 
8.Earthships to Infinity 
9.The Rising Star
Flying n' Floating 2006
1.Cosmic Sunrise (Heliotropism)
2.Flying n' Floating
3.Polar Winds 
4.Invisible Connections (Anima Vitae) 
5.First Day Without You 
6.Till the End of Time 
7.Sand in My Hand
8.Searching for the Sun
9.Hero or Criminal
10.Don't Lock Up the Truth (Nostra Aetate) 
11.Floating Gardens
1996-2006: Ten Years Treating Deafness (compilation) 2008
1.Flying n' Floating 2006
 2.Polar Winds
3.Invisible Connections (Anima Viitae)
4.First Day Without You 
5.Till the End of Time
6.Don't Lock up the Truth  
7.Chains Must Be Hard 
8.Livin' and Lovin' 
9.Arena of Lies 
10.Midwest Sand 
11.Earthships to Infinity 
12.The Rising Star 
13.Einleitung (Master Light) 
14.Light up the Sky 
15.Dancing in the Dark
Long Gone 2009
1.Fast for Me
2.Speedway Sun
3.Walk with Me
4.We Still Believe
5.Getting Free (Scraping from Slavery) 
6.Looking for a Trace
8.Slow Down (All I Need) 
9.Long Gone
10.Finding Our Reason 
11.Sadness Days 
Carved in Time 2013
1.Carved in Time 
2.Master of Disaster
3.Into the City Lights
4.The Only Ones 
5.Commonplace Heat 
6.Five Years Wasted 
7.Mission (instrumental)
8.No Need Fantasy (Your Future's Here)
9.Echo of Your Loving
10.Backing Again 
11.First Day Without You (acoustic version 2013)
Wing Seven 2017
1.Destiny Shadows 
2.White Eclipse 
3.In the Sand
4.Misspent Youth
5.Tempo (What Is Ever) 
7.Skies Eyes 
8.Day by Day
9.Craft of Whirlwinds 
10.Drifting Ships 
11.Brighty Breakdown
12.Pilot of Your Heart 
13.Last Sunray in the Road  

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