Sonntag, 25. September 2016

The Son Quickeneth - "Unblack Metal" 2016

Unblack Metal 2016
1.A Prayer for Unblack Metal
2.Absolute Form
3.Before the Great Assembly
5.Behold Thy Mother
6.Blessed Assurance  (Curtis Hutson tribute)
7.Dagger in Your Gaze
8.Eternal Security
9.Excited to Die
10.Heart Attack
11.Holy Ghost Solar Plexus
12.I Am is Everything
13.I Beckon Thee
14.I Shall Worship Jesus on the New Earth
15.I'm Sure about Jesus
16.Mad at Mary
17.Made Pure from Jesus
18.Moon Magik defeated by Jesus
19.My Love for You is Strong
20.O Take My Whole Self, Spirit
21.Perception of Unlimited Grace
22.Primitive Unblack Metal
24.Quickeneth (Demo Version)
25.The Ark in Revelations
26.Unblack Message
27.Virgin Mary
28.Yes, I Drank His Blood
29.Yes, Mary is the new Ark

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