Freitag, 30. September 2016

Askara Discographie (2013 - 2016)

Heavy Metal Nation IX (compilation) 2013

1.Emerald - Tears Of A Warrior
2.PetreFakt - Keine Gefühle 
3.RabyTwice - Child Of A King
4.Broken Fate - Burning Heart
5.Strugglers - Streams Of Life
6.Viator Mundi - Ascension
7.Pÿlon - Doomstone 
8.Milestone - Time Has No Reverse
9.Askara - Shatter The Glass Wall 
10.Frank Needs Help - Mr. Rich's Decay
11.Hellucination - Poser 
12.freaKings - Thrash Metal 
13.Antaraxid - No Views, No Path
14.With Hatred - Emily
15.Reigning Depravity - Impostor 
16.Miasma - Defleshed By Rabid Dog

Audio Samples  2014

2.Rigor Mortis Animi
3.My Name

 Horizon of Hope 2016

1.Beyond The Horizon Of Hope
3.My Name
4.Artefact Of Want
5.Rigor Mortis Animi
6.The Shame
7.Broken Wing
8.Reprise - The Flight

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