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Wedding Party Discography (1998 - 1999)

Anthems  1998

1.Prelude (instrumental)
2.War Memorial 
3.Even You
4.Raven's War 
6.To the Unknown God
8.Crystal River 
10.No More Night 
11.Bury the Dead 
 Narnia / Saviour Machine / Wedding Party / Pastor Dave Hart / Eva O / Rackets And Drapes
 Music For The Next Millennium Volume I (split) 1999

1.Pastor Dave Hart - Music For The Next Millennium 
2.Eva O - Stand Before The Light 
3.Eva O - Blood Lust
4. Rackets And Drapes - Home Street Home 
5.Rackets And Drapes - Disease of Me 
6.Narnia - Living Water 
7.Narnia - Long Live the King 
8.Wedding Party - War Memorial 
9.Wedding Party - Bury The Dead
10.Saviour Machine - The Night 
11.Saviour Machine - Behold A Pale Horse - Classical Mix 
12.Saviour Machine - Gog (Death March) / The Invasion Of Israel 
13.Saviour Machine - The Whore of Babylon

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