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Theandric Discography (2011 - 2014)


Up the Irons EP 2011

1.Up the Irons (An Epic Hymn to Iron Maiden) 
2.Adoro Te Devote
3.Up the Irons (instrumental edit) 
Via Crucis (compilation) 2012

1.Katholicus - Condemned To Death 
2.Cradle Catholic - Statio II 
3.Last Rites - The First Fall 
4.Seven Sorrows - Fourth Sword 
5.Last Rites - Simon 
6.Katholicus - Veronica 
7.Last Rites - The Second Fall 
8.S. Bailey & D. Flitton - Don't Wait For Me 
9.Last Rites - The Third Fall 
10.Malchus - Stripped Of The World 
11.Divine Blood - Wood Of The Cross 
12.Cradle Catholic - Statio XII 
13.Seven Sorrows - Taken Down 
14.Theandric - XIV 
 The Door Of Faith 2013
1.Come to Me
2. The Dream of Joseph
3.Rich in Mercy
4.The Same Body
5.The Door Of Faith
6.Our Father
7.Ave Maria
8.Glory Be
10.Burning Furnace of Charity
My Peace I Leave You (single) 2014
1.My Peace I Leave You  

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