Samstag, 20. Februar 2016

The WAY Discography 2013



The Fight Is Ours 2013
1.The Fight Is Ours
2.Blame Game
3.Never Enough
4.A True Friend
5.Walking Dead
6.Inner Demons
7.Elite Media
8.Wrong Way
9.You Don't Know Me
10.Against the Ropes
11.Pressures in Life
12. Painted Salvation
 Helpless But Not Hopeless 2013
1.Abandonment Theology
2. Don't Let It Die
3.The Lone Road
4.Misplaced Feelings
5. Suffer with the Lost
6.The Coming Storm
7.We Belong Together
I Keep Falling 2013
1.Faith In Naturalism
2.Never Give
3.Voluntary Confinement
4.Irrationality of Relativism
6.Solid Ground
7.I Keep Falling
8.Human nature
9.Looking Back
10.Lower Education
11.Greater Grace        

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