Montag, 22. Februar 2016

Faithsedge Discography (2011 - 2016)

 Faithsedge 2011

1.Another Chance 
2.There’s Still Hope 
3.Let It End This Way 
4.World Keeps Falling Down 
5.Even If
6.Hold On
7.Take You Away 
8.Somewhere in Your Heart 
9.That’s What Happened to Us 
11.When It Rains 

The Answer of Insanity 2014

1.Now I Know the Truth 
2.Revolve My World
3.The Way I Have to Let You Go 
4.Are We Gonna Stand? 
5.Comes Crashing Down 
6.Saving Anything
7.Pray for This
8.Until Your Home 
9.When I Lost You
10.Destroy You 

Restoration  2016

1.Never a Day 
3.You Cannot Give Up 
4.Faith and Chris 
5.Her Way Back
6.Regret at All 
7.This War
8.Taking Our Lives
9.Let You Breathe 
10.This Is Everything

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