Samstag, 7. November 2015

Wickeds End Discography (1993 - 2016)

Temporal Pain (demo) 1993

Side A
1.Why This Talk 
2.End of Now
3.Temporal Pain
Side B
1.Truth Hurts 
2.Victory (instrumental)

Theories of Lies (single) 2015

1.Theories of Lies

Reformation 2016

1. Divine Anointing
2.Breath Of The Prophet
4.The Destroyer
5.Lord Of Hosts
6.March of the Broken
7.Feast of the Birds 
8.Voice of God
9.Theories of Lies 

Outtakes and Unreleased Demos  (compilation) 2016

1.The Call
2.I Know
3.In the Kingdom 
4.Voice of God original demo 
5.Prophet's Breath 
6.Truth Hurts Outtake
7.Guardians Descent 
8.Break the Cycle
9.March of the Broken 
10.Lord of Hosts
13.Theories of Lies Alternate mix 2015 

Obliteratuion (single) 20163


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