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Epouranios Discography (2013 - 2014)

Angel Of Rock 2013

1.Angel Of Rock
2. That's Alright
4.No Where to Run To
5.Rain On Me
6.Angel Witch
7.Sure Feels Good
8.Mamma Doesn't Like It
9.Risen of the Machines

Through the Eyes of a Child 2013

1.Call Out
2.Soon Be There
3.Let It Rock
4.Never Met a Woman Like You
5.Give Me All Your Lov'in
7.When Children Cry
8.Rock Is My Life
9.Sugar In Me
11.Merry Christmas to Everyone

Rock Is My Life 2014

2.Rock Is My Life
3.Sugar In Me
4.Let It Rock
5.Never Met a Woman Like You
7.New Orleans
8.When Children Cry
9.Heaven In My Hands
11.Long Live R'N'R
12.Merry Christmas to Everyone (radio version)
13.Call Out Jesus
14.Rock with Jesus
15.God won't let me Down 
16.Tunnel of Love
17.He Is the One
18.The Sermon
19.Nothing To Lose
20.Merry Christmas to Everyone
21.God's Revolution
22.Gods Revolution
23.Lord Rain On Me
24.No Where To Run Too
25.Call Out (live)
26.When Children Cry
27.Give me all you luv'in 
28.Soon Be There   
 Broken Chains (single) 2014
1.Broken Chains 

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