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Deophobic Necrosis Discography (2014 - 2016)

Scorching The Saint (single) 2014

01.Scorching The Saint

 Christmas (Baby Please Stay Home) 2014

1.Christmas (Baby Please Stay Home)

 The Slaughtered Lamb (split) 2014

28.Deophobic Necrosis – Abscissa Manus Dextera
29.Deophobic Necrosis – Mutually Butchered
30.Deophobic Necrosis – Thunder Beheaded
31.Deophobic Necrosis – Visceral Aftermath Of Martyrdom By Disembowelment
32.Deophobic Necrosis – Olea Crucifigetis
33.Deophobic Necrosis – Impaled
34.Deophobic Necrosis – The Flayed Vitiator
35.Deophobic Necrosis – Scorching The Saint
36.Deophobic Necrosis – Blood Of The Zealot
37.Deophobic Necrosis – Stoned By Heathens
38.Deophobic Necrosis – Inverted Moribund Stake
39.Deophobic Necrosis – Moriens Pede

Persecution 2016

1.Corpses Buried Below
2.Repeatedly Beaten
3.Sadist Torment
5. Victims of Emaciation
6.Equal Rights: Starve or Freeze
7.Consumed Alive
8.Violent Interrogation
9. Ectopic Fleshless Birth
11.Boko Haram
12.Trained to Kill
13.Suffered for Salvation
15.Abused But Not Forsaken

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