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The Blamed Discography (1994 - 2002)

21 1994
"Help Yourself" (feat. P.O.D.)
"Drunk" (feat. Sonny of P.O.D.)
"A State Of..."
"From Me To You"
"3 a.m." (feat. P.O.D.)
"God Is Alive"
"The Ballad of the Blamed"
 Frail 1995

"Feeding The Ignorant"
"For You"
"No Difference"
"Just Because"
"Prove Your Excuse"
"Second Minded Friend"
"Guy In A Suit And The Pope"
"Declaration Dead"
...Again 1998
 "Beginning In The End"
"Casualty Of War"
"God Have Mercy"
"Don't Fall"
"Outer Crust"
"Crying Tree"
"The Pride Experience"
"Live By Truth"
"D Sin Grate"
Forever 1999
"Dissonance" (2:47)
"To Change" (3:00)
"Pistol Whipped" (3:02)
"Reason Escapes" (4:11)
"Satori" (2:43)
"Degeneration" (2:14)
"Conversations in the Mirror" (3:25)
"Forever" (2:41)
"Knock Me Down" (2:47)
"New Seeds of Contemptation" (2:46)
"Seven Story Mountain" (2:53)
"Beyond Your Passion in his Passion" (1:47)
"4/20/99" (3:31)
 7" 2000
"This Is For David"
"On Westnedge..."
"In Amsterdam"
Germany 2000
"Running Away Can Be An Ugly Thing"
"Darkness Is So Unforgiving"
"Last Time I Do This For The First Time"
"This Is It"
"At Last We Will Have Revenge"
Isolated Incident 2001
"At This Moment"
"Social Calls"
"To See You How You Are Seen"
"Short Of A Miracle"
"At Least We Have Each Other"
"Our Bazaar World"
"For Fifteen Bucks (And A Spot On The Floor)"
"The Piano Is Playing Our Song"
"The Bat Storm"
"The Finest Of Society's Philanderers"
"Talking Philosophy On Streets Of Oslo"
"Ch-Ch-What's Missing Is You Are"
 At This Moment  (maxi single) 2001
"For Brian Wilson"
"At This Moment"
"Our Bazaar World"
"That's The Ticket"
Give Us Barabbas 2002

1. The Lonely Zagreb
2. The Jealous Answer
3. 1200 Stares   
4. You Not Me  
5. So Depraved
6. Open Mouth               
7. In Szentendre             
8. Fictionary      
9. Cyclical             
10. Prayer For The Dead               
11. Positive         
 12. Instrumental Until We Die   
  13. Best In Show
 The Blamed / Noisetoys Split EP 2002
"Crescendo" (The Blamed)
"Escape of Reason" (The Blamed)
"The Rise And Fall" (The Blamed)
"Bandwagon" (The Blamed)
"The Lion's Roar" (Noisetoys)
"Always There For You" (Noisetoys)
"Pastor Poster" (Noisetoys)
"Fill" (Noisetoys)

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