Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

Beware The Neverending Discography (2011 - 2015)

The Next Level 2011

1. One Walking Mountain at a Time
2. Reconciliation
3. Aerials are for Kings
4. Barry White vs. Bobby Stratton
5. The Next Level
6. Enticer
7. To Infinity and Beyond
8. Momma's Boy
9. I Am Not Ashamed

 Times of War 2014

1.Pride Over Sanity
2.Times of War
4.Iron Giants
5.Zero to Nothing
6.Repercussions of Destroying a Pearl
7.Angry Little Boy
8.Farewell Hiroshima
9.Black Rain
10.Our Arrogance
11.Consequences Become Graves
12.The Phoenix Cry

Living The Dead End Dream (single) 2015

1.Living The Dead End Dream

 Living The Dead End Dream EP 2015

1.Rat Race
2.Heart of Gold
3.Azalea City
4.Living The Dead End Dream
5.A Song About Faith
6.Coming To Terms

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