Samstag, 10. November 2012

Christageddon Discography (2011 - 2017)

The Defacing of Demigods (single) 2011

1.The Defacing of Demigods

Metal Unblack 2013

1.At the Dawn of War 
2.Defending the Throne of YHWH 
3.The Lamb Shall Rise 
4.Baptized in Sacred Blood 
5.Psalm of Eternal Hope 
6.Carry My Cross 
7.Full Armor of God 
8.Christageddon (Metal Unblack) 
9.Satanic Forces Burned to Ashes (instrumental)
10.At the Throne of Judgement

I Am Who I Am (single) 2017 

1.I Am Who I Am 

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