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Arch of Thorns Discography (2004 - 2010)

The Coming Storm (demo) 2004

1.Lost and Convicted
2.Whispers in the Woods
3.Vale of Jezreel
4.The Coming Storm 

Sword of the Spirit EP 2005

1.Visions of the End (Intro)
2....And the War Begins
3.Awakening the Fire Within
4.His Eminent Return
5.Sword of the Spirit 

When The Moon Turns Blood Red 2010

2.In the Darkest Depths
3.The Bright Morning Star
4.A Journey Among the Heavens
5.Tremble at the Presence
6.Imprisoned by Darkness
7.When the Moon Turns Blood Red part 1
8.When the Moon Turns Blood Red part 2

Arch of Thorns / Diamoth / Last Battle / Destroyer of Lie / Glamdring / White Funeral 
Can't Take Away My God (split) 2010

1.Glamdring - Sleep My Child 
2.Glamdring - Consecrate 
3.Last Battle - Vision 
4.Last Battle - Faith of the Fathers 
5.Diamoth - This Is War 
6.Diamoth - Demonkiller 
7.White Funeral - Waters to Blood 
8.White Funeral - In the Midst of Battle 
9.Arch of Thorns - The Coming Storm 
10.Arch of Thorns - Sword of the Spirit 
11.Destroyer of Lie - My Motherland 
12.Destroyer of Lie - Destroyer of Lie 

Sword of the Spirit/The Coming Storm (compilation) 2010

1.Visions Of The End (Intro)
2....And The War Begins
3.Awakening The Fire Within
4.His Eminent Return
5.Sword Of The Spirit
6.Lost And Convicted
7.Whispers In The Dark
8.Vale Of Jezreel
9.The Coming Storm

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