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Sacrificium Discographie (1994 - 2013)


Demo 1994

1. Compromising Behaviour 
2.Deadly Pollution 
3.No Name
4.Child Abuse

Demo 1996

1.Death To Death
2.False Friends
3.For You
4.Verify Error

 Mortal Fear (demo) 1998

1.Pauper's Grave 
2.In Your Eyes
3.Psalm of an Unborn 

 Cold Black Pieces Of Flesh 2002

1.Cold Piece of Flesh 

2.Come Closer

4.Killing with Style  
5.Zustand Tod 

7.Kill Me 
8.Psalm of an Unborn  
9.Paupers Grave 


 Escaping The Stupor 2005

2.Towards the Edge of Degeneration 

3.I Am the Enemy 

4.Pierced by Death 

5.Extinction of Mankind 



8.As Silence Dies 
9.Relativation of Justice 

10.Of Traumatic Memories and Tears 

11.Nothing from You 

Prey for Your Gods 2013

1.Contradiction of a Depressed Void 
2.From Solitude to Insanity 
3.To Forgive and to Suffer 
4.This Wraith
5.Worship the Grotesque 
6.Once Again
7.Prey for Your Gods 
8.The Fallen Ones
9.Shallow Beauty 
10.Afraid to Breathe

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