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Joshua Perahia Discography (1983 - 2012)

The Hand Is Quicker Than the Eye EP 1983

1.Falling Again 
2.November is Going Away 
3.Sweet Lil' Hurricane 
4.Let's Breakaway 
5.Broken Dream 
6.Flying High

Surrender 1985
1.Surrender Love
2.Heart Full Of Soul
3.Your Love Is Gone
4.Hold On
5.Back To The Rock
6.Rockin' The World
8.Rockin' The World (Reprise)

Demos 87 - 88 (demo) 1988

1.Reach Out 
2.Remembering You 
3.Look To The Skyline 
4.Only Yesterday 

Intense Defense 1988

1.Reach Up
2.I've Been Waiting
3.Only Yesterday
4.Crying Out For Love
5.Living On The Edge
6.Tearing At My Heart
7.Remembering You
8.Look To The Sky
9.Don't You Know
10.Stand Alone

  Surrender 1992 

1.Surrender Love 
2.Heart Full Of Soul 
3.Your Love Is Gone 
4.Stay Alive (Go On Believing) 
5.Rockin' The World 
6.Back To Back 
8.Show Me The Way 
10.Rockin' The World (Reprise) 

Something To Say 2000
1.Remembering You
2.Something To Say
3.I Can Feel Again
4.Precious Love
5.The First And The Last
6.Let Your Love Shine Down
7.Guiding Light
8.It Hasn't Been Easy
9.Tears Of Joy
10.One Night Is Not Enough
11.Steady Weapon
12.Remembering You (Acoustic Version)

Chapter One 2001
1.Concrete Jungle
2.You Want It All
3.Steady Weapon
4.One Night Is Not Enough
5.Long Way To Heaven
6.Dark Days
7.It Must Be Love
8.Tears Of Joy
9.Bad Man
10.Walk Into The Light
11.Devil's River
12.Right On Target

  Intense Defense Live in Studio (DVD) 2007

1.Alive in Studio
2.Stryper Expo 2001 
3.Salvation Army Show 

 Resurrection 2012

1.Divine Intervention 
2.Where Eagles Fly
3.The Voice of Reason 
4.Blood on the Nile
5.World at War
6.The Darkside of Man 
7.Behind the Walls 
8.Live Out a Lie
11.Blood on the Nile (radio edit) 
12.Sing Hallelujah

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