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Krig Discography (2007 - 2014)

Feed Me 2007

1.Bastard Boss
2.America's Own
3.Public Static Protected
5.Throw Your Pistol Away
6.Rotten MTV
7.Global Warming
8.Endless Night
9.Throw Your Pistol Away "Full Edition"

Stop The Manipulation  EP 2008

1.Folish Evildoes
3.Reality Show
4.Stop the Manipulation
5.Weapons of our warfare (Deliverance Cover)
6.Bastard Boss (Live)
7.Global Warming (Live)
8.Rotten MTV (Live)

Target: Human Mission: Destroy  2009

1.Mercenary Pastor
2.Fatality Brutality
3.Chaos in the Air
4.Fast Food
5.My Intestine is Displayed
6.You Will Be Hated
7.My Abstract Side
8.Amazon Bleeds
9.Politicians in the pigsty
10.Beautiful Mutilation

Narcissistic Mechamism 2010

1.Folish Evildoes II
3.Not Being Hypocrite
4.God is Alive
5.End of Time
6.Mankind Dead Remains
7.Hideout of Demons
8.Narcissistic Mechanism
9.Outcast Worms
10.Rotten Poetry

Live in D.F. Bootleg 2010

1.Mercenary Pastor (Live)
2.Rotten MTV (Live)
3.G.L.O.B.O (Palavra)
4.G.L.O.B.O (Live)
5.Public Static Protected (Live).
6.Dilacerated (Live)
7.Bastard Boss (Live)
8.Global Warming (Live)
9.777 (Live)
10.God is Alive (Live)
11.Fatality Brutality (Live)

 Back to Square One (DVD) 2011

1.Foz do Iguaçu – PR 
2.Studio Session – Folish Evildoes + Bastard Boss 
3.Going to Montes Claros – MG 
4.Studio Session – 777 
5.Hotel Room, Montes Claros – MG 
6.Breakfast, Montes Claros – MG 
7.Studio Session – Fatality Brutality 
8.Daniel Teaching 
9.Studio Session – Fast Food 
10.Going to Ipatinga – MG 
11.Studio Session – Global Warming 
12.Going to Brasília - DF 
13.Studio Session – G.L.O.B.O 
14.Crazy Fans, Taguatinga – DF 
15.Studio Session – God is Alive 
16.Planalto Central, Brasilia – DF 
17.Studio Session – Mercenary Pastor 
18.Walking in Brasilia – DF 
19.Studio Session – Rotten MTV 
20.Ouro Branco – MG 
21.Studio Session – Public Static Protected 
22.Going to Rio 
23.Studio Session – You Will Be Hated 
24.Going to Narcissistic South American Tour 
25.Live in Rio – Folish Evildoes + Mercenary Pastor 
26.Going to Campo Grande – MS 
27.Live in Rio - 777 
28.Death Train, Bolivia 
29.Live in Rio – Global Warming 
30.Hotel Room, Santa Cruz – Bolivia 
31.Live in Rio – Rotten MTV 
32.Going to Brazil 
33.Live in Rio – Dilacerated 
34.Pantanal - MS 
35.[Official Video] Bastard Boss 
36.Grocery Store, Campo Grande – MS 
37.[Official Video] Dilacerated 
38.Park, Campo Grande – MS 
39.Going to Goiânia – GO 

  Decay's Beholder 2013

1.Decay’s Beholder, Behold the War
2.Decay’s Beholder
4.Killer Tendency
5.Drink The Third World
6.Threw Out Prophecies0
7.Lies Of Santa Claus
8.True Human Nature
9.Wild Civilization
10.Quiet Ocean Of Lies
12.Foolish Evildoers III

7 Years of Brutality 2014

 1.Bastard Boss (Re-recording)
2.GLOBO (Re-recording)
3.Mercenary Pastor
5.Decay's Beholder
6.Stop The Manipulation (Re-recording)
7.777 (Re-recording)
8.Fatality Brutality
9.God is Alive
10.Killer Tendency
Bonus Track:
11.Satan (New)
12.Wild Civilization (Feat. Jason Campbell/vocals)

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