Samstag, 4. Februar 2017

Diamonds to Dust Discography (2014 - 2018)

Faith Through Trials 2014

1.Ashes to Ashes (feat. Randy Pasquarella)
2.False Identity
3.The Straight and Narrow
4.Reach and Believe
5.A Letter to Someone in Need
6.Voice of Christ
7.I Found You (feat. Randy Pasquarella)  
8.Hi My Name Is April and You’re A Fool
9.He Is Gain
10.The Picture Is Not Always Perfect (feat. Randy Pasquarella) 
11.Nothing to Lose

Way Away (single) 2015

1.Way Away (Yellowcard Cover)  

Aging of the Weary 2017

2.Insult to Injury
3.Notice on the Door
4.The Last Action Hero Never Died
5.Test and Comfort (The Voice of...)
   6.Spoken Word

Conservation of the Spirit EP 2018

2.My Message to the Almighty
3.From a Sinner to a Saint
4.A Life Worth Living
5.Bravery in Miles
6.The Flood Gates
7.This Killing Is the Devil's Blessing (feat. Angelica Carlson)

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