Montag, 23. Januar 2017

Hardie Avenue Discography (2008 - 2017)

Army of One 2008

1.Army of One
2.When I Kneel
3.Let's Rejoice
4.My Desire
5.Journey Started
6.Rescue Me
7.Hard Times
8.Never Let Go
9.Perfect Way to Live
10.Road of Life
11.This Place
12.Wings of Mercy
13.Everybody Say

Piercing the Darkness 2009

2.Another Day
3.Simple Love
4.New Life
6.His Name
9.Different Way
10.We Life Together
11.House of My Father 

Party At the End of the World 2013

1.Party At the End of the World
2.City of Rain
3.I Will Die By Your Side
4.I Am Dying For You
5.You Told Me I Am Your Son
6.No Fear
7.Now I Say
8.At the End
9.Help Us
10.To Love Like You

To Love Like You (single) 2013

1.To Love Like You

Hardie Avenue 2014

1.Can't Live Like This
2.Dance with My Hero
3.Indestructible (feat. Rob Beckley)
5.Vapor in Air
7.Leave It at the Cross
10.I'm a Christian
11.The Sound
12.Party Hardie (I Remember the Time)   
13.Dance with My Hero (feat. Manafest)
Indestructible (single) 2014

1.Indestructible (feat. Rob Beckley)

See Beyond the Stars (single) 2015

1.See Beyond the Stars

Your Demand (single) 2017

1.Your Demand  

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