Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016

Your Hands Write History Discography (2014 - 2017)

 The Pentateuch EP 2014

1.The Still Small Voice (The Party Pirates Private Property)
2.In The Jaws Of The Deep (She Sells Seashells By The Seashore)
3.Golden Keys And Divine Tongues (Eleven Benevolent Elephants)
4.Honesty, Give Me Wings (Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Peppers)
5.Under A Dead Sun's Gaze (The Three Thieves Short Sword Sheathes)

Rest / Eternal (single) 2015


Orphaned Star (No Father Of Mine) single 2016

1.Orphaned Star (No Father Of Mine)

The Pentateuch (Redux) EP 2017

1.The Still Small Voice 
2.In The Jaws Of The Deep 
3.Golden Keys And Divine Tongues 
4.Honesty, Give Me Wings 
5.Under A Dead Sun's Gaze

Luna EP 2017

2.Gravity's Pale Hands
3.Wandering Stars
4.Vortex Veins

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